SOLIS has been entirely engineered from Nikko Steel technicians with unique technology does NOT cover steel to allows to see through the drawing the stainless surface finish.

This enables to make it a very high end use product allows to color your world and free your imagination applying any drawing, photo, pattern or color to stainless steel.

SOLIS technology includes:

– Anti Finger Print coating on top of the drawing included

– Maximum sizes of the sheets : 2500mm x 1250mm

– Minimum order quantity : 1 sheet

– It can be applied on all stainless steel grades, all thicknesses and all surface finishes or embossed material (Linen, Tissue, Square, etc…)



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Inside our laboratory



Detail on printing colors



We make every kind of color gradation



Color printing phase on stainless steel



Final result on sheet 2000 x 1250



SOLIS technology does not cover stainless steel which retains its reflective capabilities