PRODUCT AND SERVICE Our Group of Companies presents its new embossed and hardened finishes, created to satisfy all the requirements of image, even the most sought. The synergy between functionality and aesthetics allow you to get results that will last in time and memory. Your ideal collaborator in the steel sector, making available its expertise and professionalism to transforms your ideas and your projects into reality, will follow you from concept to construction, to get the best performance from the products.

MATERIALS AND APPLICATIONS Decorated steel finds application in various fields: from street furniture to urban construction, from design to major infrastructure. As easily processable as it is and also available in various thicknesses, it can be transformed according to the requirements and forms. Steel is a material that likes to defy time, its surface remains unchanged even after long exposure in the most aggressive environments (urban areas with high pollution, contact with corrosive substances, intensive).

FINISHES The production processes required to obtain the different finishes give steel surface properties and exclusive mechanical, combined with a refined aesthetic result. The improved rigidity also makes these materials ideal for applications subjected to stresses such as shock, continuous use and vandalism.

PROCESSING STEPS The surface decorations of the steel slabs are obtained by different manufacturing processes. Depending on the type of finish you want to achieve, the material can slide under abrasive brushes or cilindrimatrice synchronized.

REGULATIONS The European community encourages the use of stainless steel recognizing resistance and unsurpassed hygiene.

PROJECT CENTER Project Center is our specialized design department that provides you with a competent and professional service for advice and feedback on any project.

INTEGRAL POLICY INOX MARKET SERVICE GROUP is engaged in the transformation and distribution of high quality stainless steel, satisfying in a punctual and timely manner the needs of our customers and stakeholders, as well as the prevention and control of pollution, and the implementation of a health and safety management system at work, in compliance with applicable laws, safeguarding environmental aspects and preventing identified operational risks, with a view to continuous improvement of processes.