This claims policy covers sheet and coils products invoiced by Inox Market. This policy details the requirements when processing a claim and the steps Inox Market takes when dispositioning a claim.

Inox Market will process each claim individually based upon the circumstances as outlined in the claim.


At the time of the quotation, the customer will need to provide a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for all the items requested for quoting. Upon request Inox Market is available to support the customer with the generation / editing of their TDS. In this sense, any support provided from Inox Market will not transfer the liability of the resulting performance of the material in the customer process to Inox Market. The customer will be in fact the one and only liable for the final decision on what specifications signing off in the TDS.

If a TDS is not provided by the customer, Inox Market will apply by default the standard specifications of the ASTM norm.

Prices are calculated based on the TDS of the single items, and any subsequent change in the specifications may result in a price variation.


Customer is responsible to store the material in a dry environment.

Inox Market only guarantee prime quality on the top side of the material, unless otherwise accepted and acknowledged in writing at the time of the quotation.

In general, and unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, 10% of the delivered weight should be processed before the entire package is rejected by the customer.

When 10% has been processed and the observed defect is still present, notify your Inox Market quality representative prior to processing more material. If the material is rejected, the customer could be asked to provide a representative sample and evidence showing the defect for which the material is being rejected.

If the customer is found out of these guidelines, Inox Market will not accept under any condition claims of processed material.

Inox Market will not accept any claim or complaint for material shipped more than 30 solar days prior to the customer written notification.


Inox Market warrants 97% of the coil, whereas a coil may present defects in up to 3% of the delivered net weight. These defects that are not warranted by Inox Market within the 3% may include (but are not limited to):

  • Heads and tails
  • Transportation / handling damage
  • Surface defects
  • Protective film defects


Inox Market warrants 100% of the delivered weight. This warranty does not constitute a guarantee by Inox Market that all material delivered in cut to length form will be defect free.


Due to the special characteristics of protective films currently used in industry to protect stainless steel surfaces, Inox Market will guarantee the protective film quality only for a period of 5 months from the time the film is applied.

This has a special meaning, but not limited to, for those items that are considered low runners or have become slow moving material, for which the customer is responsible to withdraw the material in a timely manner. In case this does not happen, the customer will not be able to claim the material to Inox Market for any protective film related issues.


Inox Market offers a wide range of varnishes, each of which have different characteristics that directly correlates with their performance.

Inox Market will guarantee the varnish coated products only for those uses and performances that are explicitly specified in the varnish TDS.


Inox Market does not accept claims of any nature for material explicitly sold as secondary.


3.1 Product Quality Claim and Complaint Procedure

For Inox Market to process a claim or complaint an email should be sent to:

  • The general Quality inbox XXX
  • Dedicated Quality Engineer

Required by the customer, to establish a Claim Entry Date (first business day after the claim has been received), the customer is required to submit at least:

  • Customer Claim Number (Company Claim #)
  • Inox Market Batch Number
  • Total Weight Rejected
  • Reason for Rejection
  • Current Condition of the material (e.g. coil, sheet, slit size, formed parts)
  • Current physical location of material
  • Customer Contact (Claim Contact Name)
  • Photos of defects with location and repeating distance (Pictures need to include location of the defect and repeating distance, if applicable)
  • If explicitly requested, fiscal samples. Our Customer Solutions Specialist will provide mailing instructions

3.2 Product Quality Claim Resolution

Inox Market seeks to provide disposition for all filed claims within 30 calendar days of Claim Entry Date, granted that all information requested by Inox Market is provided by the customer. This period is broken down as follow:

  • Within 24h provide a confirmation of receipt
  • Within 48h implement if needed a contention
  • Within 14 calendar days define if the claim is accepted or rejected
  • Within 21 calendar days pick up the material
  • Within 30 calendar days generate the credit note

However, Inox Market disposition may be delayed in those cases where there is:

  • Missing claim information,
  • Awaiting material inspection
  • Pending lab analysis testing

3.3 Transportation

At time of material receipt, the customer is responsible for recording on the bill of lading, or on the proof of delivery, any visible damage and/or wet condition on the package. The customer will need to report to Inox Market the claim within 24 hours and the material should not be opened unless explicitly agreed in writing with Inox Market.

It is recommended that the customer provides visual evidence of the material on the mode of transport.

3.4 Payable Invoices and Credit Note

Inox Market is expecting the customer to pay any pending invoice, including those invoices that are involved in ongoing claims and complaints. Upon formal acceptance of the claim by Inox Market, a credit note will be generated in favour of the customer.

Any deviation from this process may result, but not limited to:

  • Shipment hold
  • Claim rejection

4.0  Other Matters

4.1  Rust and Stain

Stains and discoloration are inherent hazards when moisture accumulates between laps of coils and sheets. This can occur during transportation or storage. Upon receipt, all shipments should be inspected immediately for moisture on the package. If rust or water staining is present after unpacking, a claim must be submitted immediately for investigation. Inox Market will not accept claims for rust material after 60 days from the date of receipt.

4.2 Weight discrepancies

A variation between Inox Market s and customer’s scale weight up to 1% shall be permissible. If weights are outside of the 1% variation, a claim can be submitted, customer is responsible to add pictures of scale weight indicating the weight difference as well as pictures of all labels on the packaging.

4.3 Flatness

Inox Market follows ASTM A480 standards on flatness deviation on products. Material must be measured utilizing a certified flatness table and follow ASTM guidelines. Deviation to ASTM standards on flatness must be explicitly agreed in writing by both parties prior to obtaining the purchase order.

4.4 Scrap

Material claimed and scrapped by customer without Inox Market approval will not be accepted, therefore by definition no credit note will be generated in favour to the customer.

5.0 Limitations

Inox Market will not accept claims concerning:

  • Material shipped more than 30 solar days prior to the date of the claim, intended as
  • Damage considered visible to the customer at the time of material receipt but was not reported on the bill of laden.
  • Material submitted in contradiction with the Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Defects caused by the customer or by third party processors
  • Customer applied chemicals or corrosives, non-favourable to stainless steels, in the intent to clean the material or packaging
  • Consequential damages, handling, or processing charges
  • Material claimed under 3% of the products net weight
  • Claims disposition proposals to the customer, of which, the customer fails to respond for more than 30 days