FEATURES – Test Relief of special profiles and surface finishes give the product, when used for the floor, a very high ‘grip’ anti-slip properties and therefore superior. Tests on the product have resulted in the classification close to the highest levels required by international reference standards values: DIN 51130 and B.C.R.A. (Evaluation of anti-slip characteristics used for flooring materials). Certificates test values ​​allow land use TD-AS-slip for use in demanding environments because the products used, ensuring maximum safety for personnel working there: cold storage environments for processing and preparation food, slaughterhouses, dairy industry, tanning industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. INDICATIONS In addition to personal assessments about the aesthetic aspect, it is preferable to use TD-AS in situations where relevant the continued presence of water tanks and treatment while in the work of the operators. The space between the pads forming the design and height of these reliefs allow containment and dispersal of the corresponding volumes of water and waste, so that the shoe operator has greater ability to remain dry and maintain a good ‘ grip ‘the upper profile of the pavement. TD-AS on the excellent anti-slip characteristics, offers typical stainless steel exceptional properties: durable stability, ease of cleaning and disinfection, impact resistance – squashing – abrasion – wear, aesthetically pleasing and easy installation process. OTHER APPLICATIONS In addition to the areas mentioned, TD-AS can be used validly in countless other situations where relevant the risk of slipping: industry recreational boating, passengers road transport and freight, resorts, swimming pools, public toilets and community toilets Derie areas, general machining, vehicle washing areas, corridors and walkways especially in open areas, water treatment plants, etc. POSSIBILITY OF PRODUCTION TD-AS occurs as EN 1.4301 (304). A request may occur in other qualities, such as for example EN 1.4016 (430), EN 1.4404 (316), IN 1.4372 (202)